Corkboard and folders

On the clipboard is there anyway to view the contents of a folder along with texts that are also at the same level in the binder as the folder. Currently all I can get t to display is the folder name and the texts alongside that folder. If I want to see the files in the folder I have to open it.

Many thanks

Yes, there is a menu command that will load all descendent cards from the currently selected corkboard in a flat list: Documents/Open/With All Subdocuments As Flat List/ and then select which split view to load them in.

You may also find the Outliner view to be of more use if you tend to view things from a higher level. It works more like the Binder in that everything can be shown in an indented tree, but it can also show the Synopsis, what you see on the index card, and other columns as well.

That’s great thanks AmberV.

Ideally I wanted it in freeform mode, but it doesn’t seem to be highlighted as an option - is there anyway around this?

Yes I had found the outliner thanks which rocks anyhow.

Ah, that is because this feature produces a “Multiple Selection”, which you can verify by checking the header bar. You aren’t looking at anything that “exists” as a container in the project, when you use this command, it’s just an ad hoc corkboard. It is functionally equivalent (thus a shortcut) to selecting your folder in Binder, pressing Opt-RightArrow to fully expand it, and then Shift-clicking to select all of the items individually.

If you do want a stable environment to play around with a large selection of cards from many levels, then select all of the cards in your corkboard and use the Documents/Add to Collection/New Collection command. Now you can load the Collection as a freeform corkboard as per normal, by clicking on the collection’s header bar below the tabs (or just at the top of the Binder if you have tabs closed).

To be clear, at that point, you are completely removed from the original context though. Collections are by nature a place where you can express items in whatever order you wish, without fear of messing things up in the Binder.