Corkboard and Love

Loving the iOS version so far, could allow me to leave Mac at home even more.

However, regarding corkboard: is there some way to type Title and Synopsis into the cards on the corkboard? I haven’t found it in the tutorial nor the program.

Also not quite sure when the corkboard icon appears in the Binder and when it doesn’t, so maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong?


To answer your second question first: the corkboard icon appears in the binder for any folders that are collapsed. If you expand a folder, because its contents are already displayed, tapping the row will automatically open the corkboard rather than drilling down.

To edit titles and synopses on the corkboard just double-tap a card. This will open the Inspector. If you would rather single-tap a card to open the Inspector, there’s a setting for that in Scrivener’s entry in Settings app.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

So happy with iOS version! We can’t thank you enough, Keith!

Am I right in thinking, though, that even the iPads can’t do free-form corkboard arranging?

Any chance of this coming in a future version, please? I’m willing to work with way small cards with one-word titles if nec to help me figure out my structure… and folks with the large iPad Pro certainly would have enough room…

Great work squeezing in this much functionality, though. We are so grateful for what’s here, even as we probe the edges! For a 1.0 version this is amazing.

Thanks for info, sorry for asking both here and via twitter.

It would be nice if one could type into the cork board cards, as on the Mac, and drag them about. I hope that’s coming but this is already an amazing accomplishment for iOS.

More questions coming but must search first. Thanks!

Thanks, Conrad!

You are right that the iPad doesn’t support freeform mode - that’s not a feature on iOS. There are no plans to add it at the moment, but obviously I can’t say it will never arrive.

I am working on some nice updates, though, in-between working on a massive macOS update. :slight_smile:

Ron - it’s not really possible to type inside a corkboard on iOS. That’s not really how iOS works, because of the complexities of the touch interface. Everything has to be opened in a separate editable panel for that sort of thing. Bringing up the Inspector to edit cards is exactly the same as typing into cards in the macOS and Windows versions.

As for dragging, of course you can already do that. Just press and hold on a card until it expands slightly, which indicates that it’s ready to drag.

All the best,

Ah, thanks Keith. Again, I’m amazed at how much you’ve managed to cram into iOS as it is.

I see now that I can drag them. Not sure why it wasn’t working for me this morning.

Thanks! Now to see what I can figure out about templates and compile. Based on my last forays on the Mac version, this will be “fun” :slight_smile:

Thanks again,