Corkboard Card Titles --> Scrivenings view text?

I would really like the working titles on my corkboard cards to appear in the full-page editing view as section titles, with size graduated by folder nesting level. I have googled around and found people asking how to get these titles into the compiled document (which would also be nice) but my immediate wish is to see them in the editable Scrivenings view. I gave each card a meaningful title, very much a working section/subsection title, and given the doc size (50 pp with over 30 subsections) it will be a tedious job to transcribe them manually into the text. I “just assumed” that they would get folded into the editable text when I viewed it as one document.

I have wandered around the menus and found no menu item or button that seems likely to do this. Is there a way?

Try the menu item View ->Text Editing->Show Titles in Scrivenings. Does that help?