Corkboard color ist not "cork"

Maybe not the biggest bug, if any. The color of my corkboard (iPad) is not “cork”. I saw that you can choose between “grey” and “cork” in the app options. The grey option gives a grey background for the corkboard, but the cork option just makes a warmer grey color for the corkboard and not a simulated “cork”-strukture. Maybe this is as it should be, but I expected a kind of cork-pattern. Am I wrong?

Sometimes it is a good idea to search the forum before posting. :wink:

It may also be the colour settings on your iPad. The “cork” setting is actually a warm grey-brown.

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Well, I am really getting myself in trouble today – consequence of having worked a real software problem for a long moment last week, no doubt…

Keith, the truth is that on the screen of my venerable but very useful iPad 2, the color is roughly ‘dishwater’.

I confess to nostalgia also, but appreciate the desire to avoid skeuwhateveritis (yes, I do know, but rather forget).

How about a compromise where a very slight pattern is added to whatever you have? This would serve to visually distinguish, which may be what we’re all after. It needn’t be cork, which might look like the Cosmic Background Radiation this way…

Tongue still firmly in cheek, you could go full Early Mac, and just have a pattern (rectangular?) of dots…

Or, how about this, very Euro in its way: faint blue grid, on the grey/taupe/whatever is now. Blue is nice. Faint grid is a nice hint of layout, which after all fits cards use. We promise not to complain if the cards and grid don’t always line up – life is like that, and it’s the feeling that counts, as you well know.

Thus your wife should help you match the shades, for those who see the faux-cork in fullest living color…

I think that will be it for me today – you can breathe a sigh of relief :wink:


The corkboard shade was chosen by our graphics designer, the same person who creates all of our icons - and I really like it! It will also be used in Scrivener 3.0 (although that will still allow you to turn on the cork texture).

There are no plans for adding a cork texture to the iOS version, though - it would be very much out of place there, as would any texture, really.

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At the risk of beating a long-past-dead horse here . . .

I’m attaching a swatch of the colour I think of as “cork-coloured” (a screenshot of a corkboard background, heavily blurred.) It’s a rich yellow brown, like tan leather, much more saturated than the faint warm grey now billed as “cork.”

I suggest that this thread will end up being re-started by new users so long as the word “cork” is used to describe a colour that is (with apologies to the ghost of Douglas Adams :slight_smile:) almost, but not quite entirely, unlike cork. If the colour were changed to something close to the swatch, confusion would disappear, and skeuomophism would be avoided. Alternatively, if the name of the current colour were changed (warm grey? pale tan? sunny concrete?) to something descriptive of the actual colour, again confusion would disappear and skeuomophism would be avoided.

Please consider a name or a colour change for the next release.

EDIT: Keith,. I didn’t see your reply until after I posted! So sorry. :frowning: Your graphics designer and you both like the colour–Great! But it’s still not cork-coloured. Please consider changing its name.

It’s a light brown, it’s the default colour, and it’s for the corkboard… I think the name is fine. A darker brown such as the one suggested there would really look bad with the rest of the UI. Maybe I’ll change the name of the colour to avoid confusion, but I think the only confusion is arising from desktop users who assume it will add a texture.