Corkboard - custom background


I’d like to try to add a custom background for my Corkboard. I know that this has to be an image file, but could anyone please tell me what size dimensions I should use for the custom image file?

I’d really like to take a photo of the actual corkboard in my office, and then I can resize this image in Photoshop - but I need to know what dimensions to use please.

Many thanks.

It’ll depend on how large your screen is and how big you make the corkboard. Scrivener just takes the image as-is, aligns it at the top and left, and then tiles it. If you make the image to fit your whole desktop, you should be fine, since your corkboard window will be a little smaller and so you’ll never see the tiling (and with a pattern, it won’t really matter if you’re not seeing the whole image all the time).

Great, thanks very much for your help.

I do apologize for the stupidity of my question, but after over a half an hour of fiddling around I couldn’t locate the option to actually change the corkboard image or the general look of the labels on it. =(
Could you pretty-pretty please navigate me to the right sequence of buttons? (Going over FAQs and PDF Windows Manual did not help).
Thank you in advance!

Tools>Options… in the Corkboard tap; it’s the third option from the top.