Corkboard freeform not working

Hi! I am trying to move chapters around in Corkboard, but when i go to try FREEFORM it’s grey–and un-clickable…im on a mac so it should work! Any tips to make this function work?

Do you mean you can’t move any of the cards, or that you can’t reorder them and impact the binder?

From the Scrivener Manual:

Freeform mode is thus useful for playing with an ordering idea without actually impacting binder order.

I don’t think you can actually affect the binder order in Freeform mode. I think you need to be in Standard mode for that to work.

Thanks for trying–I mean i cant move any of the cards. The freeform format is in grey and unclickable for some reason…I dont know how to unblock it

Just to clarify. I click on the left side on all my chapters that I want to move. They are highlighted. Then i go to corkboard and when i try to click on freeform so i can move the chapters around on the corkboard it’s unclickable–i can only order the chapters using the above functions which still doesnt allow me to move chapters which is the whole point! SOS?! Can someone help?

As far as I can tell, Freeform is only available when you highlight a single folder in the Binder (the section to the left of the editor.) If you select documents or multiple folder, it is not available.

The point of freeform is to experiment with different card orders without affecting the structure of the project. If you want to actually change the order of the your documents, you need to use Standard Corkboard, not Freeform.

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Thank you Ill try to not highlight folders then. But when I use standard corkboard I cannot move the chapters in the corkboard at all. They dont move. Am I missing something? thanks!

Similar question as I had recently?
There is a solution!
Link here

OMG thank you. That worked- but wow it was like BRAIN surgery! How do I get a scrivener specialist to help in future? Is there any easier fix? I feel like i should just be able to select docs in binder and then use freeform in corkboard…is there any simpler work around that anyone has found without needing to create a whole new collection? Thank you again for the response Ampan!

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Hey Pamela,

While Scrivener employees do moderate these forums and try to reply to as many inquires as possible (when other Scrivener users don’t get a good answer in first), the fastest and easiest way to get a direct line of support from a Literature and Latte employee is by writing in to technical support.

The corkboard will show whichever subdocuments appear in a folder. So, it seems to me that the simplest solution would be to move any documents you want to look at together in the freeform corkboard into one folder, click on that folder, and then go into the freeform view. You can hold the Command key to select and move multiple documents at once.

If you don’t want to re-organize the Binder, Collections would be the other way to go.


thank you. I’d rather feel stupid than be insane.