Corkboard has a grey background

I am totally new to Scrivener and I have messed it up by removing the corkboard background from the actual corkboard. How do I get it back again? :blush:

The new default is the grey background. Try going to the menu Scrivener->Preferences, and in the Corkboard section, select the background you prefer there.

It’s also possible you’ve invoked the “free form” corkboard, which has a different background to make that clear. If your cards are all arranged willy-nilly, then that’s what you’ve done. To go back to the grid-arranged cork board (and possibly the background you’re accustomed to) click on the tiny icon in the footer that looks like an grid, as opposed to the “unaligned squares” icon next to it.

Thank you rdale, that solve my issue. Easy breezy :smiley: