Corkboard 'Hover' Preview

By this I mean the way the text of an card is displayed in ‘tooltips’ fashion when you hover your mouse above it.

I find this rather distracting, not least because I often write loads on my cards, and the ‘tooltip’ then covers the whole width of the corkboard window, thus obliterating the text of many of the other cards.

Is there any way to switch this off?

Following up on this:

  1. If there are no paragraph breaks in the synopsis, the text in the tool-tip stays in one line and if there’s enough on the card, it will go off the screen, extending from one side to the other with the text getting cut off on the right side. (In comparison, the Mac version–in 2.0 and 1.54–has a set max size for the tool-tip box and the text will wrap and then get cut off with an ellipsis after so many characters.)

  2. In the Mac version, hovering over the card in the corkboard (or the row in outliner) displays the first so many characters of the actual document text. This seems more logical to me than just re-displaying the synopsis, since you already have the synopsis visible right there on the card, and the synopsis is displayed in the tool-tip when hovering over a document in the binder (as in the Windows version).

I think just reducing the amount of text visible in the tool-tip and keeping its width down would make the feature more useful and less distracting, without needing to turn it off entirely. I’ve never been bothered by the feature when working in the Mac version. But then I also don’t tend to hover a lot in the corkboard or outliner, either, so I don’t really see the tool-tips much anyway.

(Win XP Pro SP3, beta 2.0)

I also find this distracting, for the same reason you’ve given. I use cards to work up outlines, so not only is there a lot of writing on my cards, I edit them a lot. Every time I jump in to make a change, I have to remember to move the pointer all the way off the corkboard or else that feature triggers and I can’t see what I’m doing.

If it’s not already possible to turn off this feature, the ability to do so is my #1 request for a future change to the program.