Corkboard - how to see all the scene cards together

If I have a hierarchy, say a Manuscript, with Chapters, and the Chapters have Scenes, and I want to see all the Scenes on the corkboard, how do I do this. If I click on Manuscript, I only see cards for the Chapters. If I click on a Chapter, I only see that Chapter’s scenes. What do I do to see all the Scenes on the Cork board at the same time?

Answering my own question, I just figured it out.
Select all the files in the left pane and they show up in the corkboard.
You can do this with the mouse, or just hit Ctrl-a while in the left pane. I hope that helps someone else with this question.

It would be nice if there were a way to make this the default behavior, that every file inside a folder shows up in the corkboard, rather than just the next level of files in the hierarchy.

Hmm, if you need to do a “deep scan” of your book structure, I’d recommend using the outliner instead. As the corkboard feature matures, you’ll see more options for this cropping up, but I doubt that the behaviour you are looking for will ever be default. It is primarily a tool for focussing on a container or collection of cards, not a tool for looking at every single item in your binder at once. In a small, new project this might make sense, but in a project that has been under development for years and has several thousand research items loaded into it, that would be extremely cumbersome and effectively render the corkboard useless. Its current behaviour, on the other hand, is useful no matter how large the project gets.

I get what you’re saying, but it can be nice to see the scenes from a few chapters together and move them around. Move scene 1 from chapter 12 to chapter 11, or whatever. Obviously, you can’t see everything at once in this view, but if it’s all there you can scroll around and drag things from here to there. It would be a nice option. The solution I found works well enough for viewing all the cards in one place, but I’ve discovered that I can’t move them around, so that’s a bummer.