corkboard inspector missing icon

Sorry to bother with something that I could obviously control but I can’t find the solution.

When I open the inspector in corkboard mode, I do not have the button to auto-generate synopsis from text. It used to be there and I used it a lot. But it seems to have disappeared.
How do I get it back?

Thank you.
Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.26.33.png

This post has had 17 views but no one has answered my question.
Is this forum still active? :frowning:


Wow, tough audience. No response within 5 hours – early on a Sunday morning, no less! – and you’re wondering if the forum is still active?

In any case, the auto-generate synopsis function still exists, and is accessible from the Documents menu. But the button has been removed as part of general interface de-cluttering.


Thanks for the reply, Katherine.

Just to justify: it was not 5 hours but 5 days which is why I made the comment. Usually get an answer faster than that.

Back to the subject, I see what you mean and found how to do it from the Documents menu. Not sure it was a step forward removing the button as it surely was handier being right there where it was. But all things considered, still the greatest program out there for me.

Thanks again.

Yes, you’re correct. Sorry, I misread the timestamp.