Corkboard Options inoperative, not working

Quick, informational note:

This morning, the Corkboard Options pop-up box (lower right corner of corkboard editor) did nothing to the board as I clicked or slide whatever option. Being new (a month+ of actual occasional days or hours using Scrivener), I’d not used the options before. I didn’t know what to expect nor what to do. (‘X’ closing the pop-up, the only way to close the box, merely reset the option settings, which regardless had no effect on the corkboard display.)

But FINALLY, I closed the particular project and reopened it. (I usually work – experiment – with two projects and the scratch pad open.)
My option changes worked fine as was implicit in all the corkboard option references I found, internal or external to LiteratureAndLatte or Help: None that I saw said that any option changes would take effect immediately, that there is no change-accepting ‘close’ or ‘apply’ involved.

No other function of Scrivener seemed to be affected; that is, the rest of Scrivener 1.9 Windows (in Win7) worked as expected.