Corkboard / Save the Cat


Please check out Save the Cat’s Corkboard. It allows for many things that I see other Scrivener users interest in. For example, you can double click and enlarge a particular card. You can overlap cards so that there is no minimum across. You can have different tabs with each index card. Just an FYI…


Save The Cat has been brought up here several times, and there was a very recent thread about the corkboard, and why it is the way it is, and why it is not going to be changed anytime soon :smiley:

I have looked at Save the Cat several times. Please see the other recent thread about the corkboard in the Wish List forum for why this won’t change. Scrivener’s corkboard is another metaphor for the list of documents in the outliner. It is integrated with the rest of the structure, not a freeform area.