Corkboard - Scrivener vs. Save the Cat!


I also believe you can do better with the corkboard. There is an application called Save the Cat which is all the rage right now. It’s based on a method of outlining and the program and designed specifically for that method. That said, the corkboard works nicely. You can lay the cards virtually on top of each other (they will jump slightly to the right so as not to overlap and lose them). It is a really nice feature. Check it out. We’ve all got confidence in you.


Hi Michael, I think you’ve already received my e-mail reply about this, but I’ll respond here too. Save the Cat and Scrivener are very different applications. Save the Cat assumes that you want to work the way its creator recommends for outlining Scripts. Scrivener is much more flexible and allows you to work how you want. The corkboard represents this - you can move items around on the corkboard how you want, and you aren’t limited to 40 cards. Instead of having each act as a separate row, you would have each one in a separate corkboard - or you could view them in the outliner (and you can drag between corkboards etc using the split view). So, although the metaphor is the same (corkboard), Scrivener and Save the Cat are doing something very different here. So, personally, I think Scrivener’s corkboard is much better - at least for the way I wanted it to work (if you want to follow Save the Cat’s method, then obviously that will be better for your needs).
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Odd, I think Scrivener is perfect for the Save The Cat thing. I don’t use it because I think it makes the process tedious, but – in a moment of utter procrastination – I did set up an STC template for Scriv.

First pic is the binder, with folders and text files broken up into STC beats. Second is how Act II, for example, breaks out on the corkboard. It’s not exactly Blake’s process, but it’s a pretty good approximation, I think. (Note: I think the position of the pics got switched. You get the picture though.)

I love the fact that I can make something that rigid in Scrivener, and then blow it off completely.


Picture 2.jpg


Terrific! Thank you for doing this. I needed to see it to put my mind at ease.


You’re welcome! Now that your mind is at ease, please do me a favor and don’t use the template. =-) Just write.