Corkboard to show include in compile?

Edit: apologies, this should be in tech support, which I thought I was in

I’d like there to be a visual reference for things where the include in compile check box is not checked - on the corkboard and the binder. Is there a way to do this?

This would greatly facilitate use of of the “include in compile” feature for me since I can at a glance check that everything is how it should be, and check out things not included that look like they should be.

You can choose to view “include in compile” as a column in the outliner; wouldn’t that work?

Thank you for pointing that out (and realizing that this line could be construed as sarcastic, just reinforcing here that I am indeed thankful you pointed out a way I can get what I want). Yes that would certainly work at the “Chapter” level for me, I can include that in my work flow. I haven’t really used the outliner much, I suppose I just prefer the corkboard – one of the reasons Scrivener just works for writing, it doesn’t tell you how you should do it.

Though having some marker in the binder would be especially useful as a check. Thinking about it, I could probably click compile and see what is included - but that seems clunky.

I’m thinking about this from the base philosophy for Scrivener development, which I have gleaned as being:

  1. don’t add whizzbang features because the other guys have it
  2. make what is there work even better
  3. add features only when they actually add something to the core functionality of the software.

A refreshing and inspired way to go about building software in this day and age – and a good part of why scrivener is my choice over other offerings (but also it works, isn’t generally clunky, and focuses on facilitating rather than dictating work flow).

I’m just checking here that what I want isn’t really there already.

Thanks for the kind words!

No, there’s no way of doing this, but that’s intentional. The outliner allows you to add as many columns as you want, and is intended as an alternative to the corkboard that can, if you want it, show all meta-data. The corkboard, on the other hand, is mainly intended to show titles and synopses. It can also show secondary meta-data that is less immediate but which can be represented visually - label, status and keywords. It would get very cluttered very quickly if it tried to show all meta-data.

Meanwhile, the binder is intended to act as a source list - you can edit the titles and see what sort of document the files are from their icons, and you can structure things, but it is not intended to duplicate the entire outliner functionality (that is what the outliner is for). Having checkboxes or representations of every type of meta-data in the binder would soon get nasty. The inspector, of course, shows all of the meta-data for any single document selected in the binder.

Moreover, with “Include in Compile”, by far the best way of getting an overview of this setting is in the Compile sheet itself, in the “Contents” pane.

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