Corkboard views

My favorite part of scrivener is the corkboard view,and I actually write ALL my notes along the way as index cards, because I like looking at them spread across the screen like that. I was wondering if there is any way of displaying folder contents AUTOMATICALLY, as a corkboard? I always have to click on the folder, then choose corkboard view, and I tried changing my settings in the Preferences panel, to little avail.


Strange, folder contents should automatically show up on the corkboard. By folder, you do mean the blue folders, right? I ask because technically any document can become a container (you can choose to have all containers treated as folders - and thus open automatically on the corkboard - via the Navigation preferences too).

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Specifically, you want to go to Scrivener>Preferences>Navigation>When in Editor Mode Open Folders and select corkboard.

Thanks, I didn’t have my “folders” set as folders but rather as text – I converted them to folders and problem solved. Great!

Another thing you could have done is set the option to treat files with children as folders. That would have made them open up in corkboard as well. If you like working in such a fashion where you create outline depth as you go, that might be a helpful option—then you don’t have to keep going back and changing things to folders. The option is in the same place MM pointed you to, one line below that section.

Yay. The other option Keith was talking about, if you in future didn’t want to always switch them to folders for the Compile effects (which is really the only reason to make a distinction between a folder and a document group, as far as I know), is in the Preferences>Navigation window–you can check “treat all documents with children as folders.”

Edit: Oh hey, I totally missed Ioa explaining that. Sorry for redundancy. (And Keith said it anyway. I guess I just like to hear myself talk.)

This is one OP that cannot complain about lack of support!