I’ve created an outline, cutting and pasting into index cards on the corkboard, but when I try to view the folder - or one of the index cards - in edit mode there is nothing in the document at all. Ditto when I try to export the content of the folder. Where has the content gone and how can I retrieve it?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I suspect that the information you have been typing in the Outliner is the “synopsis”.

If you open a document, and then make sure that the Inspector is open on the right hand side, you should see the content you typed displayed in the Index card at the top of the inspector.


Matt, thanks so much, yes I can see it there – but does that mean I can’t export text if I created it in the corkboard or the outliner? Sorry if this info is elsewhere - I haven’t been able to find it…
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Yes, you can export the synopsis, along with most of the other types of meta-data and notation available. When you compile, just make sure the “Synopsis” row is checked across the board in that matrix of check-boxes in the lower right.

Great! It works! Now to figure out how to export all the files into one document…
thank you :slight_smile:

You should already be in the right spot? That is what the Compile feature is all about: Taking all of the little pieces of your project and merging them into one file. If the row of checkboxes for “Text” is all checked off, you should be good to go.

Granted, this only works for stuff in the Draft. If you want to jam all of your research files together into one file, you’ll have to move them to the Draft area to do this. Unfortunately, due to the nature of Compile, you can only put text files in there.