Cornell Template or similar


I need to create a template similar to the Cornell template, (I need a column on the right for questions/title and a column on the left for note) is it possible with scrivener ?


There wouldn’t be a way of compiling such a thing directly. You can however use the Scrivener interface in a Cornell fashion—it’s actually quite good for that with the vertical split function with an outliner on the left or right and a Scrivenings session in the other editor. You can jot down notes freely, and if you need to create a cue, can split the note document at that point and create a title (cue) for it in the outliner. Another alternative, if your cues tend to be more wordy, is to use the Synopsis field for that. Leaving the Inspector open in that case can be beneficial—or you can do that right in the outliner. In fact, if you use Title+Synopsis and ignore the main text editor entirely, you can set up your outliner with these two columns and just work there.

Back to export though, you could do a Title+Text (or Synopsis) compile and reformat everything in a spreadsheet or word processor later if you need to turn in something with a defined format; I’m not sure if it would be worth the extra time it would take to do that though. If this is just for your own note taking though, you might find Scrivener to be of great assistance to you.

There are tables too, but these don’t really work as well when both columns need to be somewhat freeform; not to mention the interface for working in tables is much more simple than the interface for working with items and their meta-data.

Here is a link to another thread on this forum, which might have extra ideas and clues for you:

Thank you very much.