Corner Radius on Note Shape

Is there a way to change the radius of a rounded corner on a note to make it less rounded?

This happens automatically when the number of lines of text inside a note are increased so that the overall shape is less rounded when there are 3 or more lines. Sort of like a square shape with slightly rounded corners

Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but can’t you just change the note shape to square?

Are you reporting a visual display glitch or bug? If so, it would be good to know what platform you are using, since Windows and Mac are completely different. I do not see what you seem to be describing:


Each corner is the same, no matter how many lines I add.

Not sharp corner square. Look at Amber’s post.

Windows 11 / 1.4.1
By the time you add a second line in a note, the left edge is vertical not a smooth round as in a single line. What I would like might be described as a soft corner square not a sharp square.

Here are two different images - one from a board started in 2022 and one from a recent board.
2024 more round

rounded but more square 2022

Thanks for the screenshots, that helps me understand what is happening better.

The amount of padding around the text was changed in the newer version. We made it so that older boards, like in your second screenshot, would use the old padding amount, because if we did not it would likely cause word wrapping and you’d have to fix the layout. The rounding was slightly modified as well at the time.

You can “upgrade” the old board by making a new blank one, and dragging and dropping all of the notes from the old one into it. You may have to fix the word wrap (use Notes ▸ Auto-Fit).

That helps me understand a little more about the underlying engine. Let me change the question to:
Is there a way to use the older padding amount on new projects? Same question but regarding retaining the older - unmodified - rounding?

You mean like opening one of these older boards, using Save As, and starting from scratch in it? That should work fine.