Cornish Hols

Well, the summer holidays have hit and, as we do most years, we’ve headed down to Cornwall for a couple of weeks to stay with the almost-in-laws. (These six-week summer holidays are cool…) Which means the grandfolk are happy babysitters and I get to spend a lot of time on Scrivener in-between seaside trips and journeys to see the “real” Thomas the Tank Engine. Nice. Anyway, this was really just an excuse to post a couple more Scrivener screenshots that didn’t really fit anywhere else (because I couldn’t be bothered to go to the effort of putting it on my blog whilst I’m using a Windows machine and a slow-ish connection):


Glad to see that the Table is still in. I had been worried from previous shots that it was not going to make it. That was one of those features that I originally did not care for, but ended up liking a great deal after using it for half of Nano.

Well… It’s sort of still in. Actually, that’s the outlining view - it just happens to incorporate some of the elements of the old table. Selecting items within the outline has no effect on the document in the other view (although it does affect the inspector), because the outliner is just another way of viewing any document, and both document views are independent. Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile: If you just used the old table for viewing meta-data rather than selecting documents, then the new outliner does indeed serve the same purpose…