Corrupt project file

Can anybody tell me if a corrupt project file can be recovered? It’s a novel and the backup is also corrupt.

The short answer is yes, there are a number of ways to recover a damaged project file. The easiest is to use the File → Import → Scrivener Project command to import it into a new, empty project.

What specific behavior is causing you to believe the project is corrupt, though? Depending on what’s happening, there are potentially a number of ways to fix a project that is misbehaving.


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I can’t import the project as it crashes Scrivener every time I try to load that project file. The backup does the same thing, hence my believing that that the project file is corrupt. I can’t open it at all. Scrivener crashes every time.

What version of Scrivener do you have, and with which version of Mac OS?

Have you tried resetting the project display settings, as explained here: … y-settings


Katherine, thank you. Oliver sent me a fix. Everything’s fine now.