Could not establish connection,... license server

Intermittent error still happening.

scriv error license

How do i fix this?

Probably by whitelisting Scrivener in your anti-virus software.

Assuming you’ve got a working connection to the internet.

Worked with scrivener lots last night. Closed it. Computer stayed on.
Started it this morning and the error dialog was displayed. Then non-responding, as usual.
Closed it, opened it again and Bob’s yer uncle.

I have two devices that are usually not connected to the net… Never get this error.

I don’t think anyone knows why this happens, and it appears to be rare, but it is really frustrating when it happens to you. For some reason, Scrivener occasionally might have a problem connecting with the Paddle server to verify your license.

What worked for me when I was getting this message was to start Scrivener by right-clicking on the Scrivener icon and selecting “Run as Administrator”. Haven’t had a problem starting it normally since then.

It’s just a connection problem with the server.

It’s an annoyance, as scrivener crashes, and i have to close it, and try starting again…

And, it does not happen on any of the other 5 computers, even the ones not connected to the network.

you right click every time? or have you changed it in compatibility settings?

Is this related to having two scrivener installations in the APP list?

The update installer did not remove the previous version…

No, just run as administrator once - that broke whatever the logjam was. After that, I was able to start it normally without a problem.