Could not load PDF file for printing - how to avoid it?

I have all the time this error message. How could one avoid it?

You may want to review this discussion from June 2021. Another user posted about this issue, and L&L’s support staff offered some suggestions about how to address it.

Many thanks for the link. I am afraid it’s not another user (totally forgotten). And there does not seem to be a useful way.

Many thanks again.

I apologize. I did not notice that it was your post originally, and I should have.

And I wouldn’t say that this issue has been forgotten. If Amber said that the issue you encountered was written up and then that it was given a priority bump, then I’m sure it was.

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No no, no need for an apology. Glad you mentioned it.

Yes yes, of course, I really could imagine it as well what Amber said might be done.

Yes, good idea, many thanks for the sign up link.