Could typewriter mode start scrolling after the first line?

When I add a ‘New Text’ and start writing in typewriter mode (using View > Text Editing > Typewriter Scrolling), the text cursor starts at the top of the page, and the typewriter effect does not start scrolling the text up until I have written enough that my cursor reaches the scroll line halfway down the page.

It would be nice if the cursor could start at that ‘scroll line’, so that as soon as I complete one line, the typewriter effect is going and my written text is moving up and away. That would behave a little more like I would expect from an actual typewriter, and would be just a little bit easier on my eyes.

I know that on the macOS version, there is an option to change the typewriter scroll line, but even if it is set to “Top quarter of editor”, the text doesn’t begin to scroll until I have written six lines or so.

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This would have two awkward consequences. First, as soon as your typing caused an initial word wrap, the whole text would jump halfway down the window. That would be disconcerting at best. Second, during the time that you are initially typing but have not typed yet half a window’s worth, there would be a notable “empty page” area above your text that would give the appearance of being (an open and available) part of your document, but would not be. I suspect both of these (especially the former) are consequences a software designer might wish to avoid.

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As I understand the OP’s wish, typing would start on the desired line (e.g. halfway down the screen), so nothing jumps.

True. Same can be said about the “empty page” below the “typewriter line”, which magically never fills up, although you continue typing.

While this sounds undesirable if you don’t want typewriter scrolling to begin with, it’s actually more in line (feels more “natural”) with what someone might expect who does want it.

I don’t know if there’s a technical limitation that demands the current behavior, but if there’s a way to improve it and make it optional — please, yes!

Yes, thank you both of you for the replies. gr, you are right about how that snapping would really be undesirable, and November_Sierra, you explained it better than I could.

I can see why many people would not want this change, and so it would be best as optional, but to my mind it seems to fit a lot better with how I expect a typewriter to go.

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Come to think of it, the text in the editor jumps anyway when you start typing into existing text that does not happen to be on the scroll line.