Count target colors

The only slightly less-than-perfect design trait I found so far is the colors of the count target. Presently, when activated, the count target is red while you are below your assigned target and changes to green afterwards. Well, I find this a bit confusing. Most of the time, I assume, people try NOT to go beyond a certain word (or character) count. Therefore, one is on the safe (“green”) side while keeping the text below the assigned limit, and the target’s change to red should be a warning that the the text is overweight. Right? Or am I missing something?

For many people who use the target feature, the object is to get above a certain number – a thousand words a day, for instance. In that situation, red is deficient, green is positive territory. I don’t use it myself; much of the time (like you, apparently) I’m trying to stay under rather than over a limit.


I see. Well, in that case it would be wonderful to have the option to choose whether one’s intent is to stay below or else to get above a certain count target. Failing that, the option to deactivate colors would be nice. As things are, I feel as though I were in a land where red lights mean “Go” and green lights mean “Stop.” Distracting, to put it mildly, when you have a word limit and have to keep watching the target…

Well, the simple way to “deactivate” the colours is simply not to use the target counter. Your word count will still show up in the footer whether you’ve set a target or not.

It is because I think the target count is a mighty useful feature that I would like to see it improved, so to quit using this feature would not make much sense to me. But, well, if it turns out that I’m the only user not happy with the present color scheme, I’ll doubtlessly end up adjusting to it. Just hoping the adjustment will not affect my response to traffic lights in the long run :wink: