Couple of bugs in

There are a couple of bugs I’ve noticed in

Bug 1

easy one first

File | Backup To…

The format of the name is project[current date and time]. In 1.0.3 I replaced the with an underscore and got the filename I expected. When I do the same in 1.2.1, however, it appends a space to the underscore, meaning I can’t create a filename without a space in it.

Note - I just checked, and it will create the filename I expect, but only if I remove the [] from around the current date and time.

It would be nice if the behaviour of 1.0.3 could be restored for this operation, as the current workaround is rather clunky.

Bug 2

Scrollbar not being recalculated when a horizontal split is performed in scrivenings mode.

Take a document that covers at least a couple of screens and click horizontal split.

Scrolling down to the bottom of the scrivenings document is not possible, as the bottom few lines of text are covered by the second window, and the scrollbar isn’t recalculated to compensate for the smaller scrivenings window. The only workaround is to select a different document into the scrivenings window, then reselect the scrivenings document.

Note - this does work as expected in normal document mode, just not in scrivenings mode.

Just checked the scrivenings bug in a copy of 1.3.0, and it was there as well.

Uh…1.3.0??? Is that a typo, or is there such a beast about? Given the “no internet” update thing has gotten me 2 updates behind already…I’m getting dizzy.

So, is not the latest?

I know you’re stressed, L&L people, but post an announcement when a new point release comes out. And don’t bury it deep in a thread someplace. Okay? It will cut down on the confusion.

Having said that, I realize that the version seems to have fixed the “no internet” thing.

Sorry, that was my dislexia kicking in :blush: - it was the main release before, which is 1.0.3.

To misquote Morecambe and Wise - it was all the right numbers, just not in the right order.