Couple of questions

Hello everyone, I am relatively new for scrievener. I am writing my thesis,

1)I need to make first 3 pages roman numbers for TOC, and the content is regular numbers starting from 1 how can I do it and I have front matter which shouldnt have number :/. 2) I have images that I need to add legends underneath them how can I add it.

I’d say for most of the things you are referring to you would need to use a dedicated finishing and design tool to set this kind of stuff up—at the very least a word processor like Word (maybe Pages can do some of this).

That said, the options for stuff like this are all found in the Page Settings compile format pane (right-click on the Format you are using in the left sidebar of the compile overview screen to edit). Refer to §24.20.5, Header and Footer Options, in the user manual PDF for explanations of the various features available to you. Note how you can have a Different header and footeron first pages (use the <$p-r> placeholder for Roman numerals).