Couple Revision Mode To document State

Optionally as per title.

This would couple the name of the State metadata to the color of the Revision Mode. And give a meaningful value of the State to the color of Revision.

When the State metadata is changed to something else, it could color something a Scrivener user cares about. Like swapping State with Label would color different labeled section’s text with a different color.

In hindsight, it’s strange that the two similar functions are not coupled this way.

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A reason might be a Grammarly edit (and the like), which I use as a Status.

That’s why it should be optional, to keep current setups working.

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Optional from both the Status and the Revision Mode side.
I, for one, don’t use Revision Mode. I survived the psychedelia of the ‘60 and decades of colourblind spreadsheet jockeys with my brain in tact.


People use the Status metadata for all sorts of things, only some of which are relevant to Revision mode.

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I know, I do that myself all the time. An optional coupling would be great and when users change the meaning of the State metadata, they could get colored text for that meaning, which would be interesting as well.