Courier Prime TTF Font free for download

This is a lovely version of the old standard Courier font, in versions for both Mac and Windows (and it works on Linux). It’s open source, free for download, no restrictions.


I very much prefer it over the other versions which seem either too clumsy or too light for screen reading. 8)

Seconded. Very handsome and if you’re confined to Courier 12pt – screenplay, stage plays, anything which follows the rough 1 page = 1 minute guesstimate formula – it’s a hell of a lot easier on the eye than the alternative. And, as others have commented, it has a PROPER ITALIC font.

Tanks alot! Much better than the ugly Courier New on Windows. My new Standard Font.


Usually when I’m avoiding writing by pretending to need to know more about my software I end up with a day of just not writing…

Today I got a font that will at least make my work prettier!