Cover Image Pixilated

I copy/pasted my .jpg cover image (6.64 MB) directly from Gimp into a file I created in my Scrivener project’s Research folder. Everywhere else I view it (in Windows Live Photo Gallery, copied to Word, in Gimp), it looks great, but in the Scrivener file, it’s pixilated. Is this going to be a problem? Did I do something wrong?

This might just be down to the editor zooming, scaling the image and giving it the pixelated look in Scrivener. That zooming wouldn’t affect how the image appears in compile.

That said, a cover image for an ebook should be imported directly into the binder, as an image file, rather than pasted into a document. Just drag the .jpg from File Explorer into the Research folder. When you go to compile your project to an ebook format, you’ll be able to select the imported image from the drop-down menu in the “Cover” section.

Thanks so much, Jennifer!