Cover issue


I am currently using the trial software with the view to buying it when the trial period runs out. However, I have run into an issue with the cover for my book in .mobi format.

Edited with updated information:
When I call a project by a particular name, the cover image won’t appear in Kindle as a thumbnail, just the Scrivener default one, even though I include the cover image in my compile and have deleted the default one. Even if I rename my current project and start a new one with that particular name, the cover image won’t appear, it uses the Scrivener default one instead. Any other name, there’s no problem.

Is there some sort of Scrivener prefs file or cache that might be causing this and can I delete it? If so where is it found and what is it called? Any other name for the project is fine–it’s weird.

Many thanks


There’s no Scrivener cache, but the Kindle seems to have one. We’ve run into this before, where the Kindle doesn’t seem to recognize changes in the .mobi document.


The odd thing is that the cover doesn’t show on any of my other Kindle devices either. However, I’ve managed to rename it to something else appropriate, so I guess I’m just going to have to avoid the offending name.

Many thanks for the reply