cover not changing in Kindle after compile

I"m just starting to get to grips with Scrivener’s compile side, and am having trouble with the front cover. I have imported a cover and deleted the default 'My Novel" image from the project (and emptied the trash), and I’ve selected my desired cover as the image to be used. But when I compile and open the resulting .mobi file in Kindle, the library only shows the default cover. The desired cover still appears in the book’s content, however.

Closing and re-opening Kindle has no effect, deleting the book from the library has no effect. Any ideas how I can get my book’s actual cover to appear in Kindle library?

Here’s what I mean, btw - Scrivener’s default cover won’t go away… yet the proper book cover appears in the book itself just fine.
Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 20.26.57.png

To set aside any weirdness with Amazon’s software, have you tried loading the book in another program, like Calibre? It could just be that the old thumbnail is cached in the Kindle library.

I did think it might be a Kindle software thing rather than a Scriv thing, but don’t really know much about the processes as this is the first ebook I’ve put together.

Will investigate Calibre, thanks for that. Occurred to me today I could also try to find a way to empty the file out of the Kindle library somehow. Odd that it doesn’t always like to pick up the book covers, there are a few that gave generic blobs instead.

Yeah, that’s why I suggest Calibre (it’s a nice tool for any e-book enthusiast to have on their computer anyway), as it seems to be a lot more solid to me. Amazon’s software is a bit unstable in my experience, and it doesn’t really give you a good sense of what it will look like in the reader’s hands anyway, as they will most likely be on a Kindle or some portable device when reading.

It may still be a problem with the settings in Scrivener, I’m not saying that is ruled out, but Amazon’s desktop Kindle software is an unreliable narrator if there ever was one. :slight_smile:

Just for info, it turns out the solution was to delete the book from my Kindle library, rename the Scrivener project in the Metadata settings, and export it again. All appears as it should. :smiley: