Crash emptying trash


So I downloaded and installed Scrivener beta 25, and I had moved a folder with about 10 files (all but one empty) to the trash and clicked on the folder and hit “empty trash”. The folder was displaying all the files. Scrivener crashed.

Running Windows Vista x64 bit. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I just repeated it myself a few minutes ago, although of course I haven’t managed to do it since, so I still haven’t figured out what triggered it. If you do happen to get it again, any details about what you were doing leading up to the crash would be great. Another user got this just trying to delete a single file (a large imported one), and I had a mismatch of empty and mostly empty, imported and original. Hm. When you reopened the project, was the trash empty or did you have to attempt to empty it again?

I don’t delete much, but if it happens again, I’ll do that also. What I had done was set up a folder, created about 10 untitled documents, and then decided I was going to do something different - so I moved the folder and about ten docs down to the trash, right-clicked on the folder, trashed it, and it froze. I’ve tried replicating it and it’s being smarter.

When I re-opened it I had to empty the trash - all the files were still there.