CRASH--File won't open on Mac after use in Scriv iOS

Please reset your Scrivener Preferences file, following the procedure here: … references

If that doesn’t fix the problem, please create a brand new blank project in Mac Scrivener. Type a few lines, transfer it to iOS Scrivener, type a few lines there, and transfer it back. If it crashes, email it to with my name in the subject line and a link to this thread in the body of the email.


That did not work so I emailed you, Katherine.

For the record, I tried creating projects on both platforms. What stood out is when I created in S+iOS, it opened on Mac, and opened again in S+iOS–the crash is consistently happening once I edit a file in S+iOS and go to re-open on Mac, regardless of which platform the project was created on.

Dave, I am on OX 10.8.5, which I think is Mountain Lion, not Sierra.

Thanks for the help, everybody.

For anyone following this thread, we have traced the problem to an issue with iOS conflict resolution related to a bug in OS X 10.8.

If you are having similar symptoms and ARE NOT using OS X 10.8, please start a new thread. Your issue may be completely unrelated.

If you ARE using OS X 10.8, please contact our support address, at We are testing a fix, but aren’t ready to release it to the world yet.