1st Crash!


  1. I’m looking at the corkboard and importing images. (Note–I’m not sure how important this is–I am in a folder within a folder.)
  2. I click on one image and view it so that it takes up the whole inner frame (just that one image rather than corkboard view)
  3. I click the box in the upper righthand corner of something I see called “synopsis”. I want to know what this does (I was going to try to close it)
  4. “Scrivener.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

No problem! Just lettin’ ya know :stuck_out_tongue:

OK. More generally: it always happens whenever I click that button. It’s the “auto populate” button on the synopsis.

Ah ha! I can confirm that. This button should be disabled when viewing media. The button will take the first few lines of text from a text document and stash it into the synopsis card—trying to do that on an image obviously shouldn’t do anything. :slight_smile:


I also crashed at that point, in a folder under a folder, at the storyboard view if I recall correctly, hitting the synopsis button.

I can duplicate that as well on an empty folder. If the folder has text content it won’t crash—so looks like anything without a corresponding RTF file will crash when that button is pressed.

Also, that caused me to notice a missing step in the tutorial. There should be text in the folder for part 2.

I just got a crash as well. I imported an image and went to rename it. Soon as I did that, Scrivener went kaboom. I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium, Dell Studio XPS 1640 laptop.

Just crashed again. And again, it happened upon trying to import a file.

I also crashed when I hit that button. I did not have text in the box yet.

Thanks for the further reports! I think we have this one cornered though. For now avoid clicking that button on empty files/folders or media.

RSMcGowan: This sounds like a separate issue entirely. Renaming shouldn’t be connected with the synopsis generation button.

Do you have problems renaming all graphics, or is it sporadic?

Nope, I haven’t had trouble renaming imported things since the first time. Maybe it was a delayed crash from importing, period? I posted on a different thread that I can import most files, but when I try to import a slightly larger RTF (395kb), it crashes.