Crash from creating a link to a new document [Windows 10, RC8, reproducible]

The crash happens every time when I try to create a link from the editor of a folder to a newly created document within the same folder.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a folder
  2. Write something you wish to link to another document within the editor window of the folder. Don’t create a document. The right corner of the folder icon now shows a little page with lines on it.
  3. Select the word/phrase you wish to link up
  4. STRG G + D to bring up the link window
  5. Select “Create new linked document” (I use the German translation - it’s the first tab of the menu that shows up as default)
  6. Select the very same folder as target and click “ok”
  7. It crashes

I believe this used to work fine. It also works fine if nothing is written in the folder itself (no filled page icon in the bottom right).

Sorry, but I could not reproduce the crash. You should get the newly created and linked document loaded into a Quick Reference window.

Could you please upload a screencast/video showing the problem, as I might be missing something. Do you get the crash when you use a different container folder? Thanks!

I couldn’t reproduce it either.

I believe I should be able to record a video. But that needs to wait till the weekend.

But I now also believe that it is a local issue on my work machine. I got the chance to test it on a different computer (laptop but also Windows 10) and it was actually a suprise to see that it works fine but also works differently.

On my work pc:

  1. I create a new folder (does not matter where - tested with new and old projects).
  2. Click on the folder in the binder.
  3. Click on the editor and write stuff -> in the binder the icon changes to the folder icon with the page in the right corner.
  4. Select text -> STRG G + D
  5. Create new Link and Document with the folder as target.
  6. Click okay and crash.

On the laptop:

  1. Create a new folder
  2. Select the folder in the binder
  3. Click on the editor but contrary to the other installation I can’t type there. Instead it does nothing if the folder is not part of another folder. Then it shows the overview cards. I can write there but I can’t link from the description text.

So something is weird. I don’t believe I changed anything in the settings related to that. On the laptop I can’t even get to the point where it should be crashing because I can’t do the same things I can do on my working machine. (both up to date versions of the last beta)

Most likely you are in Scrivenings mode in step 3 on your laptop. Try switching to single document mode, or type at the top of the editor before the Scrivenings separator line.

Now I feel stupid, but yes that was it. Changed the mode to the first one “View the group’s subdocuments as scrivenings”. Then typed in the folder, linked it and it crashes as well.