Crash on iPad in Portrait mode

Scrivener on iPadOS 16.3 RC crashing when opening it in portrait mode. I’ll freely admit thats kind of an odd thing, but I happen to like writing on my iPad Pro in portrait mode. If I go landscape mode, open Scrivener, and then return to portrait mode it works perfectly.

had to try it – doesn’t happen for me on iPadOS 16.2.

I can appreciate why you might like to write this way – long narrower column, though this width at least is adjustable. And as long as you don’t want to use the (marvelous) Magic Keyboard…

Maybe wait and see if 16.3 release is better? Presume you reported to Apple, though I admit few responses evident on things I have,

Took the fresh 16.3 release upgrade today.

Portrait mode, seems entirely stable.

I’d do two things:

  1. First would be to do a full power-down and restart of your iPad, which will probably fix whatever was going on for you. Clearing Safari’s cache (see advanced items in Settings for it) wouldn’t be a bad idea eeither. See if your problem goes away. It might, as iPads like any programmed item accumulate errors over time

  2. Go out off the Beta program and install 16.3 release…

Good fortune… :slight_smile:

Did that. Nothing’s changed. It happens only on my old 12,9 iPad Pro — the one from 2015. Haven’t seen this on newer models as well. Since it works when opening in landscape then switching to portrait it’s not really that much of an issue.

Interesting. Had you had Scrivener in earlier version on that large iPad, and opening properly in Portrait, or is this a fresh install recently, thus always seeing the problem??

You can understand, this is an important clue if there are any issues in Scrivener iOS to do with dimensions…

All good and valid questions. I had this thing hidden in the closet up until Apple made the Universal Control available. Almost a year ago, wasn’t it? With some minor version of iPadOS 15. Did a complete new setup. At that time there were no issues at all, and It was only after the upgrade to 16, I think, when this particular issue popped up. I actually enrolled it into the AppleSeed beta only out of morbid curiosity, considering it is not quite the latest model. Sadly, I didn’t store the IPSW — I normally do that for all the devices I manage — so I cannot restore it to iPadOS 15 at the moment.

Well, they do kind of decay with time, iPads. I have my very nice Air 4 because the original finally couldn’t update software to a serous level. It stillruns, could do a few things in a pinch, and I found enough security tools to keep it protected.

I guess you’ll develop the vertical flip habit pretty rapidly, and have that nice big screen to use for a while :slight_smile:

Take care, and enjoy it, will hope, and you sound that kind of person, good…

My iPad Pro is also a 12.9 in from 2015, running 16.3 now. I don’t experience the portrait crash issue. Perhaps there may be some issue from your having loaded the beta? Probably a clean installation of 16.3—wipe and install—will solve your problem. I’m thinking of doing that myself, as it’s been awhile, and I’ve simply been doing upgrades. A clean installation always seems to fix any little bugs.

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@kpedgecomb , definitely a good idea – I’ve done that after each beta participated in.

Results one time included getting back a large chunk of storage memory, and at least one time felt noticeably cleaner, less buggy…though the software is generally so good whle application-sensitive it’s hard to tell.

I did a reset/install from scratch last night after writing that. It’s been fine but for some odd stuff with screenshots—very strange: multiple shots at times. That’s a new one. Good luck!