Crash on startup - Windows 7

Usually use my laptop, so not sure when this problem started, but Scriv crashes (hangs, not responding) on startup on my desktop, Windows 7.

I’ve uninstalled and deleted the directory, Installed the fresh version downloaded today (8/5/18).

Hangs on a small window that says "new project’ when starting up.

Saw a post to run the scrivenerlog.bat file so I did that. The log file files infinitely with

“Warning: QSettings: RegEnumValue failed:”

Just repeats forever in the file, scrolling off the screen.


I’ve been having the same problem. Your best bet is to email L&L directly with your logs and registry data.

I emailed them using the form on their support links, and was sent this link: … y-settings

Running it in compatibility mode with “Windows 7” as the selection seems to have fixed it.