Version: Beta (1175332) 64-bit - 19 Jan 2021

I just had a complete crash, totally unexpected, the program was running and then POOF, it was gone.

As far as I can tell, no data was lost.

It had been running fine for the last hour or so. I had a reference editor open on one monitor where I was working, and the rest of the program open on the other monitor as usual. I haven’t done anything unusual, not even cutting or pasting. It just quit.

I didn’t see anything appearing to be a corresponding event in the event logs.


Had you by any chance been working with some other app/program for the last 30 minutes without interacting with Scrivener, so the auto-shutdown activated?



What is this “auto-shutdown” of which you speak.

The manual only has one instance of the word shutdown in it anywhere, and that has to do with the user shutting down Scrivener, not Scrivener shutting down Scrivener.

It’s under Options>General>Startup>Automatically quit after an inactive period of:

Version: Beta (1175332) 64-bit - 19 Jan 2021

Again, out of the blue. Same setup, with the reference editor open in the other monitor with the rest on the main monitor.

No compiles, no cut-n-paste. Just plain writing for about an hour before it crashed again without warning. As before, nothing that seems relevant in the event logs, and no data seems lost.

This is the second time in less than 24 hours. The only thing that I’ve been doing differently is using the reference editor.

Nope, had been editing the whole time. Looked away for just a sec and as I looked back, it crashed.

It just happened again a few minutes ago. I put up another report.

And additionally, I routinely leave Scrivener open for weeks at a time without issues. These are really the most problems I’ve had with it. It’s generally very well behaved.