Crash Scrivener for Mac and win a free copy or a refund!

Please note that the below is only applicable to the Mac version of Scrivener.

Hi all,

I still have a fair few crash reports sitting in my crash reports e-mail account, automatically generated and sent by Scrivener’s new crash reporter. Although I am massively grateful to everyone who takes the time to send crash reports, there are a couple of crashes that I still can’t reproduce and therefore cannot fix yet, either because I haven’t received enough information or because the crash is memory-related and so could have been caused by something that happened long before the crash itself actually occurred. (Crash reports are hit and miss - about 25% of the time they tell me all I need to know; the rest of the time I can’t fix the problem until I can see it for myself and get to work on testing it.) This drives me slightly crazy - I hate knowing that Scrivener is crashing for some users and I want to fix all of these bugs as soon as I possibly can.

Therefore, I’d like to ask the community for help in finding these difficult-to-track down crashers. In return, I’ll give a full refund (either $45 or $38.25 depending on your licence), or, if you haven’t bought Scrivener yet, a free licence, to the first person who can provide me with a set of easy-to-follow instructions that lead to any particular crash. For some specific crashes that I am particularly keen to find, there are also some cash rewards available.

For more information, please see this thread in the “Bug Hunt” forum:

You must read all of the information there and post instructions for reproducing crashes in that thread in order to qualify for a free copy or cash reward.


All the best,

Damn, with 2.0.0 I used to get regular crashes when I opened Freemind, but with 2.0.2 no such luck! :wink:

But: A very admirable offer nevertheless Sir!



Thanks, Geoff. Heh, the easy-to-find and reproduce crashes are all fixed - the ones remaining are tough to make happen consistently on all machines - users are going to have to work for the cash rewards. :slight_smile:

Dear Keith,

I am a new comer to Scrivener, and am impressed with your software, as it is the right thing for my needs, until today!

I was working with the trial version for windows, and invested one day to get to know the program, another to setting up a new project and today only to find that the software crashed every other time, I tired to open my project.

After several attempts and computer restarts, as basically the entire computer freezes, I thought perhaps the problem lay in the fact that I was using the trial version and went ahead buying the license online.

And to play extra safe, I did even uninstall the previous version, move my project file to a safer location and then continued the process from the beginning, successfully registering as well.

Then, I was happy to be able to have Scrivener started, UNTIL I asked it to open my previously complied project, with which the problem started from the beginning. I am really frustrated now, as I have lost half a day already, trying to figure out what to do, as one prime reason for me to get into Scrivener is its time saving factor.

I urgently need your help to get it all running…

Happy at first and now disappointed customer on an education license for the Windows version

Best regards,

Hi Sand,

I’m sorry you’re having problems, but I’m afraid that, as the thread title makes clear, this thread is for Mac users only - I’m the Mac developer. Please write to us at AT literatureandlatte DOT com so that Jennifer or Lee, the Windows team, can take a look at what is going on and hopefully get you up and running.

All the best,

I just updated to 2.4 of Scrivener, and I can now report a very easy way to crash Scrivener: just try to open it after installing the update. This is on a MacBook Pro, 13", running 10.8.2. If you need any additional information, please let me know. I am then also more than willing to send you my bank account details for the offered refund :slight_smile:
Please bring Scrivener back to life!

I tested the update and it should be working fine - I have already replied to you in the other thread; you just need to try re-downloading from the main site.