Crash Show Text View/Show Corkboard View[BUG LOGGED]

Yay - I can reproduce a crash! Excuse my excitement but I have spent over an hour trying to get to the point where I can reproduce a crash. Scrivener was crashing every 30 minutes and was driving me mad! So I tried to find out what I was doing.

I can now make it happen and would be interested in knowing if others can too.
I give the steps for a new project but it works on any of my existing projects as well.

I have a new project which has a root folder called Draft and a text document called Untitled

Click Draft (shows corkboard view)
Click Show Text View
Click Show Corkboard View
Click Untitled
Click anywhere in the document
Press Enter

Crashes every time for me now. The problem seems to be clicking Show Text View and then clicking Show Corkboard View on the folder and it doesn’t have to be the root folder as it happens for me in other folders. The clicking doesn’t make it crash - it seems to wait until I press enter.

I thought that it was Ctrl-A as I would select text then do the clicking as described and then click in a document, press enter to make space to paste the text and it would crash. But it doesn’t seem to need me to have first used Ctrl-A

Hopefully this is helpful as it is a very good product.

I’m using Windows Beta v1.7 on Windows XP

Woot! Crashes for me like that, too.

Sweet. error with lin-scriv:

zsh: segmentation fault /lib/ --library-path /lib:/usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/lib

Not telling me which place the crash was in or what kind of seg fault though. Is there a way to run scrivener verbose mode?

Yup, reproducible on my netbook too.

Crashed for me too. Nice work!

Crashed for me, too. :frowning:

That sounds exactly like what I’ve been doing every time Scrivener crashed on me. Good to know.

I just had it crash after making a few collections. I was deliberately avoiding the show text/show corkboard switch. I was switching between collections and binder, when it crashed.

To reproduce (assuming you have a couple collections made)

Click show collections
Switch from your binder to a collection
Switch to another collection
Switch back to the first collection
Click anywhere in the document, and hit enter.


It doesn’t always do it for me. Sometimes Scrivener hangs. It’s more likely to hang when I have the program expanded to fill the window (not fullscreen mode, but taking up the entire 1900x1080 window.)

My crash happens in reverse.

I opened an existing project and it was already in Corkboard View. I noticed the text was tiny.

  1. I clicked on Show Text View. I thought I’d be able to select all the text at once and easily increase the size.

  2. I clicked on Edit/Select All. The line length narrowed to about 2 inches. Font size options were grayed out.

  3. I tried to drag the right margin tab on the ruler bar to widen the line. The system crashed. “Scrivener.exe has stopped working.”


It crashed following instructions… :wink:

Ok thanks to debraji I see now that I can make it one step less:

Using my project in the first post, I:

Click Draft (shows corkboard view)
Click Show Text View
Click Untitled
Click anywhere in the document
Press Enter

I don’t need to click Show Corkboard View. I also don’t have to press Enter - just typing also works.

Yeah I just got it trying to switch corkboard views. I normally have my project set up so it’s split screen vertically with the 2nd one a corkboard of what I’m working on. I clicked the binder to change chapters, and it crashed. Seems like switching the same view is OK (meaning I can go from corkboard to corkboard or text view to text view, but switching among them crashes it.)

Edit: attached the error log, if anyone wanted it.
scriverror.txt (8.28 KB)

When switching between folders of documents in my binder (show text mode), it’ll crash. I just got this error. Hopefully it’ll be meaningful. :slight_smile:

I switched from one folder to another, then back to the first and tried typing in a document.


Crashed for me too Garpu.

This is an excellent (model) post.

Bugs are really easily fixed if we have concise instructions so that we can reproduce them ourselves.

Thanks again.


Just to add one more example: I’m running Scrivener 024 on XP and so far it has been great. I wanted to read my entire mss straight through and highlighted the whole document with Shift + click. This produced the corkboard view (one of my fave features BTW). When I click document view, the program hangs up and even Task Manager can’t seem to stop it, so I’m forced to restart my computer. Outside of this, v. 024 has been working beautifully. Thanks for all the hard work.

Hi EdwardOwen,

I believe yours is a little different–that basically, Scrivener hangs when trying to go into Scrivenings mode on a large selection of documents. This has mostly happened for people trying to view their entire manuscript, somewhere around 80K words or so; does that length sound about right for you? Any additional specs on your computer and the project would be great to add to the report I’ve assembled on that hang/crash. Here’s the suggested list from Lee: