Crash when Auto Populating from blank document[FIXED]

System : Toshiba Netbook
Processor : Intel Atom II
Ram : 2gb

Programs Open : Google Chrome, Scrivener, Trillian, iTunes

Symptom : Upon pressing the auto-populate button in the upper right corner of the inspector, and with a blank document in the writing pane, the system will try to auto populate the synopsis card without success. This results in the program hanging and requiring a reboot to fix.

I just had the same issue, due to the ‘I wonder what this button does’ disease. Scrivener was unresponsive, I waited two minutes, forced closed through Task Manager, restarted Scrivener and everything looked swell again. Did not lose any info, probably due to the super fast auto save. :smiley: No sweat!

System : Asus Eee PC
OS: Windows XP
Processor : Intel Atom
Ram : 1gb

Programs Open : Scrivener, TweetDeck

This bug has already been logged here.