Crash when clicking outside the Inspector

If a footnote (or also, I think, a comment) in the Inspector has the focus and I then click on a document in the Editor that is NOT the document containing the footnote, Scrivener frequently crashes (in the sense that it just closes suddenly and without making a backup). If I click instead on the document that is associated with the footnote, there is no crash, and I can then move the focus to any other document. After the crash Scrivener comes back up again just fine, but it is a crash. This also occurred in the previous version of Scrivener.

This is happening in Scrivener 1.9? I recall this as a bug in earlier versions, which we’d hoped was resolved in 1.8.5. Do you have steps to reproduce this in a new blank project? I haven’t been able to trigger the bug in either a composite or multiple-selection Scrivenings session, and I wonder if the length or number of notes or their formatting is affecting this. If you find it’s happening in one specific project, or specific set of documents, could you create a sample project from that to attach here or mail to AT literatureandlatte DOT com with reference to this post?

Just happened again today. I’m using 1.9, and it also happened sometimes in the previous version, which was up to date. I’m trying to isolate the specific circumstances in which it happens — but of course when I want to make it crash, it won’t. I will keep an eye on this, and try to replicate the problem. I has occurred in several different projects. I tend to have a lot of comments, but none are all that long.