Crash when syncing to external folder.

Beta 16 - Scrivener shuts down unexpectedly when syncing to external folder

Not seeing that here. Anything special about the folder or your settings?

Nothing unusual that I can see. Settings snapshop attached. Sync was running fine until I upgraded from B14 to B16. Now when I hit Sync, the progress bar goes to 45% and the program promptly shuts down without creating a backup. The synced files appear to be saved.

Would you be willing to send us a project that shows this? you can email it to, just post a link to this thread in the body of the email.

Thanks for your help with this!

Sorry I did not get a chance to send my project. However I have resolved the problem - I switched off the option “Sync all other text documents…” then ran the sync successfully which purged the external folder of those files. I then restored the “other text docs” option and ran the sync again. All came good - I can only guess that some files were corrupted on the external folder.
Thanks for your support!

Glad you resolved your issue!