Crash when trying to exit via 'X' in scriptwriti[BUG LOGGED]

Hi Guys

Not sure whether this has been logged yet…

Found a more serious bug during my testing in scriptwriting mode.

I have created three folder levels (Act/Sequence/Scenes) and added some text elements (scenes)formatted for scriptwriting mode. I go to the text element, add some text. If I then click on ‘X’ to close scriv, the text disappears and the text screen goes gray. Scriv fails to close. After this if I click on the parent folder, the text reappears in the text view at this level. I go to File -> Quit and scriv closes.

The next time I start scriv and go to ANY Folder then switch from index card to text view, scriv crashes with a ‘Scrivener.exe has stopped working…’ error. At this point the project is corrupt and not recoverable as far as I have tested…

I am running WIn7 x64 on a Quad Core motherboard with 8GB RAM and the 1.3 beta. The only other app running is Internet Explorer…

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.



Further information:

The behaviour of the above issue changes depending on whether the Project is brand new or created by a previous beta version.

A new project still exhibits the ‘shifting text’ and fails to close via the ‘X’ (Close Program) button but on a restart, a message is displayed saying the file is already open on another computer after which it appears to open and operate correctly - until I add another text element and try to close the program again via ‘x’.

This does not appear to occur in the normal (non-scriptwriting) mode and the program closes correctly.

Hope this helps.



Has anyone else been able to reproduce this one? It doesn’t seem to have been specifically logged anywhere else…

I can only reproduce the the gray screen after clicking the red ‘x’ - so that’s a bug, but I can’t crash Scrivener by following your instructions either for a new or existing project. I will look into this more. Thank you