Crash when using notes with emoji

Hi there, I seem to be able to get Scapple to crash every time I try to edit a note which starts with an emoji. I’m on Catalina 10.15.7, Scapple 1.40.1 (8170)

Some precise steps to reproduce:

Double click to create a new note
Type a single emoji (I use the touchbar)
Deselect the note
Double click the note to edit it
Scapple will disappear

I’m attempting to reproduce this, but not having any luck so far, with the same versions of OS and Scapple.

Are there any settings changes you’ve made, such as appearance settings to new notes, or board settings such as font? Also which emoji symbol should I test with? I can’t image it makes a difference, but we might as well do as much the same as possible.

Thanks Amber, I don’t think I have anything non-standard in my settings, and it does happen in a completely fresh file. I’ve reset the Scapple prefs to defaults and it still happens. The symbols I’ve been using are :skull: and :heart: but I’ve tried a few more just now and they’re all the same. The emoji has to be the first or only character in a note for it to crash so my workaround will be to add a space before and after.

It’s a fairly lived-in 2016 MBP so there may be some non-standard system prefs but I’ve tried it in two different user accounts and there’s no difference.

I reset to default settings and managed to reproduce it. Checking a few things, it appears to be related to the Auto-size notes setting, in the General tab. So if you can live without that one, this is another way to avoid the bug (spaces is probably better though!).

Thanks for the report!

Ah, great, well done. I probably can’t live without that setting so I’ll do some other workarounds for the time being.