Crash with Version 2.5

Just downloaded Version 2.5 (Mac) onto my MacMini running Mavericks. I had the Font choice menu of Scrivener open and a test document that I was just playing with. I left them open and let the Mac go into sleep mode. When I brought the Mac out of Sleep mode it returned me to the same point but I couldn’t get access to Scrivener nor could I access the menu items under the Apple Icon. In the end I had to turn off the Mac and restart. Where it can up fine. Thought I’d just mention…

Thanks! At the moment this sounds like a general OS bug, especially if the Apple menu wasn’t working. Can you recall if the “wait” cursor was spinning while this was going on? Very often if a program crashes you can force quite it with Opt-Cmd-Esc and then relaunch it, but if things are blocked by the spinning pizza wheel of doom, sometimes you can get around that by clicking on the Desktop background or on another program in the Dock if it is Finder that is hung up, and get to the force quit window and the main Apple menu from there.

Thanks for your useful comments. As far as I recall there was no spinning wheel visible and the Scrivener pages were visible but greyed out. Haven’t, so far, had a similar problem with other software but I guess it could be a Mavericks issue. Thought I’d mention it though just in case others have a similar problem.

So this has happened repeatedly with Scrivener? Is it just the font menu that crashes things, and specifically only when sleeping the computer, or does the font menu crash the software repeatedly under other circumstances?