Crashes every time I close file

For the last two releases of Scrivener for Mac OS X (2.7 and 2.6) Scrivener crashes when backing up a file upon closing.

When I open it the next time, it tells me that it has crashed and asks me if I want to send email with log to support, but it always times out before I can send the log. (actually I have never been able to send one of these crash logs to support via this automatic method.

It looks like the file I’m closing always backs up successfully, but I don’t know if it’s been corrupted or what.

This is my novel in progress file that keeps crashing so is annoying.

File is only 121 MB, so I don’t know what the problem is.

Anyway else have a similar problem? And solution? Thanks.


Happens to me all the time. Always send the crash report. But as you say, everything seems to be properly saved and backed up, so I haven’t been too worried about it, seen it as one of the vicissitudes of life. Thought earlier that it had to do with my ever slower hard disk, but have noticed that I get the same messages even with my new SSD, that saves and backs up in a blink. Of course I’d like to know what’s causing tis erratic behavior. It is disconcerting.

Yes I have a new iMac with lots of memory; I wonder if it’s because I backup to Dropbox? I hope someone in tech takes a look at this. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

We have no idea why this happens. It’s a well known problem though, I see it as well on occasion (though its appearance seems to have tapered off dramatically in 10.11). As noted it’s a relatively harmless, if annoying, bug—in fact it’s not even really Scrivener that is crashing. By the time the crash happens the project is fully closed and in fact only deeper level Mac stuff is going on. That’s the main reason why it is still there, we can’t fix things at that level of operation.

Thanks Amber.

I assume you guys have reported it to Apple? Although I understand they do things on their own timetable and agenda :slight_smile:

There isn’t much to report, that’s the problem with it. Nobody has managed to find a reliable way to reproduce it, 100% of the time in such a fashion that any Mac can be set up to reproduce it that way, and the crash log itself is so generic there are no clues as to where the bug could be.