Crashes using "Split with Selection as Title"

Crasches, using the feature “Split at Selection as Title”

This feature has worked perfectly so far.
Since today, Scrivener crashes as soon as I call the function.

  1. I select a document, and it is displayed in the editor.
  1. I select a complete line
  1. I call up the context menu and execute the function “Split at Selection as Title”.
  1. The program crashes immediately.


  • Unfortunately, the error does not always occur. I have run various tests and cannot say when it occurs. Sorry

How can I send the diagnostic file? I cannot select the diagnostic file via the upload because it is grayed out. Obviously, files with the suffix *.diag or *.ips are not accepted

Hmm, yeah I’m also running into problems seeing this happen, which matches how you describe not always seeing it. Does it happen right after loading the project or does it take some time to get to the point where it can crash? I ask because testing against the interactive tutorial in the help menu is often a useful way of checking against whether the problem originates from the data in your project and text composition around the split points, or if it is a more universal problem. But if it takes a fair amount of real-world work before getting to that point, the tutorial test isn’t as effective.

The other thing I can think of in terms of nailing reproduction is to describe the second step more fully, as there are a number of ways one might accomplish selecting a whole line. For example one might triple-click with the mouse, or use ⌃A followed by ⇧⌥↓, to list two of several. It probably doesn’t matter, but whether the newline ends up selected, for instance could be important.

You can zip compress file types not allowed by the forum and upload the zip, which make them a lot smaller anyway. That said I should whitelist .ips at least as Apple seems to be abandoning .log for these kinds of files.

I have just spent 15 minutes trying in vain to reproduce the error. Even with the Scrivener tutorial.

Well, unfortunately nothing.

I have attached the zipped ip file from the last crash (9.4 KB)

Thanks, we’ll have a look at that. So given the results with the tutorial, here are some ideas for further troubleshooting, on your main project. They are meant to be one after the other—if the first doesn’t get rid of crashing, move on to the next.

  • Before editing any section, and particularly before splitting, use the Edit ▸ Text Tidying ▸ Zap Gremlins menu command. This will strip out any unsafe invisible control characters, which are known to cause crashing when processed in certain ways (compiling is usually when people find out they have them).
  • Turn invisible characters on and look around for anything unusual. Usual would be for carriage returns and maybe a line break here or there, and dots for spaces of course.
  • If the text that crashes looks pretty “normal”, just paragraphs with words in them, the next thing to think about is special formatting conditions. Footnotes, comments, images, links, styles… anything around the split point in particular. I wouldn’t worry as much about anything you could do in TextEdit, like bold/italic or indented text. But if the document that crashes tend to have several dozen footnotes in the sidebar, that could be interesting, because that’s all stuff Scrivener has to do extra work for during a Split, and more work means more code and more chances for bugs.


I would just like to submit a brief interim report. I write about 2 hours every day and have not been able to reproduce the error. I am a software developer myself and I know that sometimes it is hardly possible to track down a bug.

If the error occurs again, I will let you know.

Thanks for the great tool

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