Crashes when on Full Screen[BUG LOGGED]

Several times, Scrivener has crashed whilst I was working in Full Screen Mode.

Basically, I may be wanting to change something, but though the cursor would work and move around the screen, the “Full Screen” seemingly freezes, and shortly afterwards, Scrivener has to close down…

Just wanted to say it happened again, so it is pretty consistent. It basically happens whenever the Full Screen is on, and let us say I don’t write anything (but read instead) for five minutes. The moment I click on the screen to write something, it crashes…

Ok, editing this because it just happened again

Same thing as above - happened again. Unfortunately, can’t do screencapture as I’m on Full Screen… I’m sure it can be replicated on another machine though.

Edited: And again - over 5 times in under an hour… must be a bug

I’m not sure if mine is a bug or if it’s been reported yet, but it’s related to full screen mode. Pretty consistently, although not every time, when I press F11 to go into full screen mode, instead of the words going across the whole length, from one end to the next, sometimes while the words begin at the left end, they stopped about a quarter of the way in so it’s scrunched up.

Have the same thing as Ray4ever, too - it starts working properly when I re-adjust the paper width toggle…

Hi Tasel and Ray4Ever, I just wanted to let you know that the full-screen mode suddenly dropping the right margin to half width has been noted in another thread, think this link is right to get you to it - … it has happened to a few users so far and is being investigated, but so far I don’t think the source of the issue has been pinned down.

I’m going to try and see if I can replicate the other issue with full-screen crashing on my computer and will post results in a little bit here.

edit just to note that after I posted this about the margin issue, I went back to Scrivener and clicked F11 and it brought up the scrunched down right margin. Togged out and back into full screen and they were back to normal. Still not sure what the connection is on when it shows up, aggravating little bug.


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I have tried multiple times to get Scrivener to crash on my system by using the process you described here.

Enter full screen mode
Write for a few minutes
Pause to read, do research on second screen, or go AFK for 5+ minutes
Click on screen to type again and resume writing

I tried that several times and never experienced any crashes, I even tried using another application over top of Scrivener on the same screen, then going back to Scrivener after a break from writing. I am starting to wonder if you are not experiencing the same bug as had been reported by Cenneidi here:

Might not be the same, but I figured it could not hurt to point you toward that one just to double check.

The problems seem to arise from writing in full screen, exiting full screen to select another file, and reentering full screen. Not to say you don’t have a new bug that’s not showing up here, just that I am unable to replicate a crash without exiting full screen no matter how long I work on another screen or leave the computer between writing.


It does sound very similar to what happens on my machine, in that I get the same error message. But with me, I don’t need to exit Full Screen for it to do it. It happened again this morning, and this time, I had no other programme running but Scrivener, never left the screen, etc.

It just sort of freezes, and tells me Scrivener has to shut down. Is there anything I can do next time it happens that could help you any further?

P.S.: My software developer “other half” (to whom I have just shown the crash happening) told me it looks like it may be a “memory leak”. I am not as much of a tech savvy person, but who knows…