Crashing on ePub compile

Hi. I am trying to compile to ePub 3 from Scrivener 3.1. When I do File > Compile > Compile > Export, Scrivener crashes. Attached is my test file. FYI that compiling to ePub 2 works fine. Thx. (132 KB)

Crashed for me using your project format, but compiled using a supplied Scrivener format.

Something odd with the styles in Bundle - Folder and Bundle - File.

I “reset to default paragraph formatting” for each style in the compile window and the ePub compiled without issue.

I then rebuilt the styles (16pt Arial, bold, italic, centred, 1.5 line height, 36 points above and below) and the project compiled again without issue. Was there something else in your defined style that I have missed out?

Does the attached version compile okay for you?

Slàinte mhòr. (129 KB)

Thanks. I’ve fixed this for 3.1.2.

Thanks JoRo. I deleted my ePub 3 project format, which I guess I somehow gummed up. I then duplicated the standard eBook format to create a new ePub 3 project format. All works fine now.

Thanks to Keith too.